5 Books That Can Change Your Life

The written word has a lot of power to shape our attitudes to life and this is exemplified by the fact that many of the world’s greatest personalities were also extensive readers. Reading good books gives you exposure to the thoughts of great people and when you choose to put these into practice, you are [...]

Review of The Sedona Method Course

Review of the sedona method course. I’d like to give you a little more detail about what the Sedona Method has done for me and how I’m sure it can help you too. Particularly if you start out with a more open mind than I did – which wouldn’t be at all hard!

Unearth Your Dreams Through Visualizations

Sometimes knowing what you really want can be a difficult task. You can use visualizations to help you with the job at hand. What you need to do is to manage to be uninterrupted for about half an hour to one hour so that you can concentrate and listen to what you have to say to yourself. Shut out the external world and start with your list of dreams.

Your Greatest Source of Strength – Yourself!

Faced with a problem, we tend to look for help from someone, somewhere. However, the greatest source of strength that we can find is ourselves. Building a strong relationship with self where we are not distracted by the external entities is most important.

Discover Your Hidden Talents to Discover Life

We are all gifted with unique talents, which nobody else can replicate. Yet, most of us, in the pursuit of security, ignore this wonderful gift and live a life that is not truly meant for us. Deep inside, if you have the courage to look into, you’ll find that you are always in a struggle.

Dictate What You Do With Your Time

There are so many stimuli in the external world that they tend to keep us from doing what we want. Interruptions cause us to stop in the rhythm of what we are doing causing us to pay attention to something other than what we are doing or want to do. It’s important to realize that such interruptions gnaw and eat up your time and energy and if not taken care of, can seriously hamper your productivity.

Success May Not Bring Health and Happiness

We have heard that success brings in positive thoughts that in turn bring in happiness, higher immunity and better overall health. But according to the latest research conducted by some psychologists at Duke University in Durham, a large amount of success does not seem to sit well with everyone.

How Your Thoughts Determine Your Destiny

Most of us realize that how we feel about a certain situation depends on our thoughts prevailing at that time. Positive thoughts nurture positive emotions and negative thoughts foster negative emotions. But what is even more powerful than how we perceive certain events is the fact that the every thought you are thinking at the moment is working towards creating your destiny.

Quest for Security Prevents You from Realizing Full Potential

Security leads you to living an incomplete life without extracting the maximum out of yourself. It is like leaving a large part of you unexplored. Shake yourself out of this miserable and misplaced need for security and you will suddenly realize that there is much more to life than money.

Fear of Success?

Well, there is something known as the fear of success. You may feel that only a foolish person can have the fear of success and that success is to be enjoyed and cherished and exalted in. But truth can be stranger than fiction at times and what appears on the surface may not be what lies within.