Reduce Stress by Saying No

Having a “to do” list that never gets exhausted can imply two things: that you need to brush up your time management skills or that you have indiscriminately taken on too much. Take a look at what you have on your list and you will know immediately which of the two is the cause of [...]

18 Superfoods for Stress Relief

Learn About 18 Superfoods That Can Help Your Mind and Body Tremendously in Stress Relief Nutrition plays a key role in stress relief. The foods that we often reach out to at times of stress for temporary relief, often have the tendency to cause more stress inside, which may be noticeable after certain period. With [...]

Back to Basics

It is the greatest fully explained puzzle of modern society, that the more affluent you are the more likely you will be longing for the basics. Relishing life is not just surrounding yourself with material possessions.

Review of The Sedona Method Course

Review of the sedona method course. I’d like to give you a little more detail about what the Sedona Method has done for me and how I’m sure it can help you too. Particularly if you start out with a more open mind than I did – which wouldn’t be at all hard!

Short Term and Long Term Physical Symptoms of Severe Stress

Stress doesn’t only have an affect on your emotional and mental wellbeing; it can also have serious affects on your physical health. Physical symptoms of stress do not usually manifest until one experiences a severe case of short term or long term stress.

Stress Management for Kids

If you find that your child is stressed, try and ensure that he gets a fair amount of physical exercise in the form of games like punch balls, catch and provide him with option of cycling around the block. Avoid hours in front of the television or the computer since such activities provide no physical release.

Turn to Writing for Stress Relief

If you haven’t yet considered writing to relieve stress, there is no time like the present. You’ll find that while you may not release the tension stress may cause your body, writing can release the tension in your mind by providing you with self-knowledge and allowing you the chance to heal emotionally.

Stress Relief for the Holidays

Holidays are often a very stressful time for many people, because they feel overwhelmed by the amount of things they want to get done such as decorating, baking, gift shopping, wrapping, planning dinners, etc. If you are feeling the time crunch during the holiday season, there are different ways you can help reduce and/or relieve the stress you feel.

Stress Management for the Elderly

The elderly face stress from various situations, which are different from those that are faced by adults. Stress is augmented further by the fact that the ability of the elderly people to face stressful situations weakens over time. As a result, the need for stress management becomes imperative.

Nutrition and Stress Management

Among other things, proper nutrition plays a crucial role in the management of stress. During a period of stress, when you are expected to have more emotional, physical and intellectual resilience, a healthy person is in a better position to combat the situation than an unhealthy and weak one.