All You Need to do is Take Up One New Habit

No, this isn’t some quick-fix, get-rich article. This is about one habit that has the power to change your life in every aspect- finance, health, relationship, and life in general. First off, remember that habit is something that we keep on doing without having to put in a lot of effort, something that comes absolutely [...]

Back to Basics

It is the greatest fully explained puzzle of modern society, that the more affluent you are the more likely you will be longing for the basics. Relishing life is not just surrounding yourself with material possessions.

Jain Meditation – An Easy to do Yoga

It is not my intention in my presentation to inform the reader of the merits or meditation, but rather, make the reader familiar with a simpler and easier to practice form of meditation as practiced by the followers of the Jain religion.

Desires – Biggest Hindrance to Meditation and Sleep

As long as you have desires, your mind cannot be at rest. Controlling such a mind becomes extremely difficult. On other hand, a mind free from desire comes to rest without much effort. Meditation comes almost naturally.

Basic Meditation Questions Answered

One of the local TV channels recently interviewed my guruji. Here’s an excerpt of the interview in which he answers basic meditation questions.

Trataka Meditation

The following article appeared in the childrens category of Shri Shakti Darshan magazine, explaning the technique and benefits of Trataka meditation in a question/answer format.

Group or Individual Meditation?

It is possible to benefit from group meditation, where you sit in a place with others who are meditating, and it is also possible to get benefit on your own, in solo meditation sessions. Many people wonder which is best for them, and that often depends not as much on your personality, but on your [...]

Improving Meditation Through Journal Writing

Even if you are not in the habit of keeping a diary or personal journal, it is an excellent idea to start writing down notes from your meditation experiences, as a tool to help you with your meditation. Because the benefits of meditation practice are often powerful, life changing, and positive, by noting them in writing we can reinforce our commitment to meditation the lifestyle.

Listening To Yourself

To know what you really want without the influence of external elements, you need to look deep inside yourself and understand what your heart is telling you. To be able to listen to your own unblemished thoughts and perceptions and be one with self is something that does not come easy to everyone.

The Essence of Zen Meditation

The essence of Zen meditation is to be absolutely aware of the things happening in and around us – the emotions, thoughts, actions, feelings, images, without actually getting involved with them.