SerenitePlus – Natural Herbal Remedy for Insomnia

Review of Serenite Plus, a non-addictive herbal formulation for sleep problems.

Desires – Biggest Hindrance to Meditation and Sleep

As long as you have desires, your mind cannot be at rest. Controlling such a mind becomes extremely difficult. On other hand, a mind free from desire comes to rest without much effort. Meditation comes almost naturally.

Bedtime Mood Determines Stress Levels Following Morning

According to a study that appeared in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, people who go to bed depressed or with a sad feeling have higher levels of cortisol the following morning, the chief hormone released during stress. An important thing you can infer from this study is that your emotional state during bedtime [...]

6 Golden Rules to Better Sleep

While you may be tempted to swallow a pill to get a good nights sleep, research shows that the most effective long-term treatment for chronic sleeplessness involve changing your lifestyle and behavior and not taking some pill. Here are some time-tested rules that will guarantee you better sleep in a few weeks time. Persistence is the key here.

Useful Links on Insomnia

Useful links on Insomnia.

Natural Ways to Treat and Cure Insomnia

The following natural aids and remedies have helped me a lot in curing my insomnia and I believe will help you too in getting a deep, peaceful sleep day after day.