Chemical Used in Plastic Bottles Could Increase Risk of Diabetes and Heart Disease

This is something very disturbing… A chemical widely used in plastic products, including baby bottles, plastic food and drink containers could increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes, suggests a new research. According to the study, higher levels of Bisphenol A (BPA) in the urine is linked with cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and [...]

Water Cure

I came across this interesting article and comments, and thought I will share it with you all. It tends to simplify health by implying that the main deficiency is ill-health is water, and the doctor wants us to get to drink W A T E R.

Health and Obesity

If you are obese you are not healthy. There are no ifs and buts about it. Obesity is the single most important cause of ill health in the affluent world today. It has now taken a new turn and affects children. As many as two out of every three adults in the affluent world are overweight or obese.

Review of The Sedona Method Course

Review of the sedona method course. I’d like to give you a little more detail about what the Sedona Method has done for me and how I’m sure it can help you too. Particularly if you start out with a more open mind than I did – which wouldn’t be at all hard!

13 Amazing Benefits of Laughter

Laughing is one of the most gifted qualities of human beings. Sadly, an adult human laughs only 10-15 times a day compared to a child who laughs up to 300 times. To enjoy the benefits that accompany this wonderful trait, one does not have to wait for hilarious moments. Simply faking a laugh for no reason can give you similar benefits as of a genuine laugh. Just try it. Laugh for no reason for 5 minutes and see the difference it makes to your psyche.

Acupuncture as a Preventive Health Tool

There is considerable amount of literature and evidence of the effectiveness of Acupuncture, a therapeutic tool with its origin in China for curing illnesses.

Secret to Health – An Active Body and an Empty Mind

One of the main reasons our ancestors enjoyed great health is because they followed an active life and had less worries and stress.

How to Manage Stress through Power Breaks

If your job involves lot of stress, be it your work place or at home, relaxing can get pretty tough. However, unless you learn to relax effectively, there is no way you can eliminate stress. It may be ok if the stress is short term. Your body can effectively handle such short stress periods. But [...]

Key to Health and Longevity

All you need to be healthy and live longer is a calm mind, active body and a healthy diet, which is just the opposite of what we are following at the moment – A stressful and hyperactive mind, sedentary lifestyle and unwholesome diet!

Holistic Approach to Healthy and Beautiful Skin

Your skin, hair and nails are direct reflections of your overall health. No matter what type of shampoo, cleanser or cream you use, unless you have a healthy system, you can’t have beautiful skin, hair or nails. Following a healthy lifestyle that includes fresh organic foods, exercise, plenty of water and herbs to improve digestion and elimination is a sure way to all round health.