5 Books That Can Change Your Life

The written word has a lot of power to shape our attitudes to life and this is exemplified by the fact that many of the world’s greatest personalities were also extensive readers. Reading good books gives you exposure to the thoughts of great people and when you choose to put these into practice, you are [...]

5 Signs that you are Addicted to Suffering

You have worked long and hard on a project at your workplace, but your boss finds fault with what you have done, focusing on some minor issues while overlooking the good job you have done. You study well for an exam but find that you do not score as much as a friend who put [...]

Empty Nest Syndrome and Dealing With It

The birth of a baby can change the entire architecture of your life and almost overnight, everything else takes a back seat. As you take care to provide for your children’s physical, mental and emotional needs, they become so much the centre of your existence that you unknowingly build your very identity around providing for [...]

Meditation is an Attitude, not a Technique

Majority of the people are under the impression that meditation means some form of concentration or mind stilling exercise. While it’s true to a certain extent, meditation is far from being a technique. A person with the right attitude need not even sit for meditation. He may be meditating without even him realizing it. Do [...]

Back to Basics

It is the greatest fully explained puzzle of modern society, that the more affluent you are the more likely you will be longing for the basics. Relishing life is not just surrounding yourself with material possessions.

Stress Management for Children

Children are more than ever prone to stress since the environment around them is extremely taxing. If parents have a mature stress management technique, children are bound to follow that and on the contrary if a father comes home and drinks just because he is tense or shouts at his wife, the children will pick up similar signals and adopt them unknowingly.