Meditation is an Attitude, not a Technique

Majority of the people are under the impression that meditation means some form of concentration or mind stilling exercise. While it’s true to a certain extent, meditation is far from being a technique. A person with the right attitude need not even sit for meditation. He may be meditating without even him realizing it.

Do you…

Get irritated when someone disturbs you while meditating?

Get frustrated when sudden change in plans disrupt your weekend outing?

Get frustrated when your boss/spouse calls you in the middle of your work?

Find it difficult to take a different route to your office or your morning walk?

If your answer is yes to any of the above, then you are not meditating. Real meditation/enlightenment means detachment, non-involvement, FREEDOM. Freedom from your mind, your ego. This is the real essence of meditation. Not sitting for hours together, concentrating or chanting. On other hand, your sitting and chanting may in fact be preventing you from experiencing real freedom! You may be attached/bound to the ritual of sitting and chanting!

I have seen some people sitting for 4-5 hours a day meditating. However, they never seem to have the kind of peace that they should be experiencing. Even the slightest disturbance causes some resistance in them, when meditation in fact means non-resistance. The very reason one resists something is because he has a desire to experience something else. He is attached to that something else.

Recently my grandmother hired a cook for a week due to some function in their house. After the function, my grandmother told us how wonderful the cook was. She used to get up everyday at 4.30 am, do Yoga/Pranayama and then cook for everyone, breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner (over 15 people). She always had a smile on her face. No matter what you tell her to do, she would oblige happily. Once my uncle felt hungry at 11 pm and she apparently heard him saying it. She immediately woke up from her sleep and prepared something for him, without any resistance or hesitation. You know her age? 70 years! And so much energy. Now that is meditation.


  1. Thank you very much for telling the real meaning of meditation.
    I have a request, can you please write on ‘how to control ego’

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