Review of The Sedona Method Course

I first came across the Sedona Method in July of 2004 as part of a week-long Personal Development Conference hosted by Jack Canfield in Las Vegas. To be completely honest, at the time, I was neither accepting nor comfortable with either the concept of the Sedona Method or the exercises as a matter of fact I believe I fought the idea all the way!

Why was I initially unreceptive to Sedona? Partly because I had participated in a large number of courses, read a lot of books and listened to an extensive number of audio programs all without achieving the results I was looking for.

Somehow I got past that enough to allow myself to participate half-heartedly in the Sedona trainings . To be honest, though, I’d made up my mind at that time that the Sedona Method couldn’t really work and that it would be just another disappointment to add to the list.

For some reason I did end up buying the audio program, the workbook and book at the Conference. Nonetheless, though another year passed before I picked up the book, then subsequently listened to the CDs and went through the Workbook. This proved to be one of the smartest steps I’ve ever taken in building my personal and spiritual development. I can honestly say I have never found any other technique to be as remotely or as instantly or permanently effective as the Sedona Method, in removing both conscious and unconscious barriers in my life.

The Sedona Method has helped me to become a lot more accepting something which has seen me become more content as a person, enjoying a serenity of mind I didn’t previously experience.

I’d like to give you a little more detail about what the Sedona Method has done for me and how I’m sure it can help you too. Particularly if you start out with a more open mind than I did which wouldn’t be at all hard!

To start with, the Sedona Method is an absolutely fabulous tool for both releasing and clearing out the junk from your mind. Things like: victim mentality, emotional tension, negative habits and for simply learning to “let go” and teaching you to work from your strengths rather than your fears and weaknesses.

For instance, I no longer feel at the complete mercy of negative feelings when they arise, because Sedona ensures that I don’t enter a real downward spiral into some nasty negative black hole.

Although I’m a great believer in the Law of Attraction (we attract and become what we think about) I think most of us realize that it’s much harder to face and conquer old habits and conditioned thinking than we would hope. BUT there IS a way. And it’s a way that works for everyone. The Sedona Method brought more confidence to my life, much more joy and much less fear and that’s just for starters.

The steps are simple and very easy to follow and put into practice. All you need to do to ensure they are effective is to follow them and use a little persistence.

They include Learning To:

  • “Let-Go” of Resistance (releasing and dissolving it)
  • “Let-Go” of Wanting to Change anything in your life you do not like, including things from the past
  • “Let-Go” of the Four Basic Wants “my favorite”!

    1. WANTING to Control (a biggy for me)
    2. WANTING Approval
    3. WANTING Security
    4. WANTING to Be Separate (to keep to yourself and not connect with people)

Some of my fellow original course participants have told me that they have found that the most powerful and beneficial part of the Sedona Method for them has been its application to the setting and attaining of goals. And let’s face it, goal setting is a struggle for most of us isn’t it?

We might be able to set them, but how many do we actually achieve? Not many, I bet! Nowadays, goal setting is a much easier (and more successful) exercise for me using the principle of releasing I’ve tried it, and it really works.

One thing I wasn’t expecting that has been a big bonus along the way, is my heightened sense of connection to the spiritual side of myself, that inner part of being that we all would like to intimately connect to.

I am a lifelong student of personal development materials whether it be books, courses, tapes, CDs and so on. I’ve spent thousands of dollars and as many hours (or more) over the years in the pursuit of personal growth. Yet only since Sedona can I genuinely say that I feel revitalized, more content and relaxed than I have felt before. And I know what to thank.

Margot Marshall
Life & Business Coach
Personal Development & Meditation Teacher
(Former Political Adviser & Lobbyist)


  1. 4. WANTING to Be Separate (to keep to yourself and not connect with people).

    Is this different than establishing healthy boundaries? Not “taking on” others’ problems or blame? I hope so.

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