Acupuncture as a Preventive Health Tool

Modern medicine started essentially as a therapeutic approach to illness. You were feeling ill so you approached a doctor who examined you did some tests, found a disease and treated it. If he did not find a disease, you usually ended up with no treatment and no further advice except the doctor telling you: “There is nothing wrong with you”

Later there was introduction of psychiatry in the West by Freud. However this was strictly a therapeutic approach to mental illness.

It was recognised a long time ago in Egypt, China and India that preventative medicine is the true path of health. It is comforting to note that preventive medicine has had a big surge lately both in the minds of the public and in the hands of the practicing physician. This is the approach to staying healthy and preventing illness. We have also moved away from the obvious causes of illnesses of the past (infectious diseases etc) to disease related to poor diet and life style related diseases, which can be prevented by long term changes in life style.

There is considerable amount of literature and evidence of the effectiveness of Acupuncture, a therapeutic tool with its origin in China for CURING illnesses. However there is very little information available to suggest that use of acupuncture can have a beneficial general effect of health in an otherwise healthy individual. In starting this discussion, it is my intention to bring out such information as is available on the preventive aspects of the use of acupuncture.

One of the objectives of acupuncture is Corrective Care is to strengthen the organ systems of the body in a way that they are working harmoniously. The aim is to restore the smooth flow of blood and in Chinese way of stating it, of Qi through the body. Another aim is Maintenance Care i.e. the foal is of maintaining health and wellness by sustaining a unified, healthy state.

One article I was reading stated, “Imbalance in the distribution of Qi can bring on ill health”. This leads to poor blood circulation, with a resultant, loss of food to the cells and loss of water, oxygen, etc., and inadequate cellular detoxification of wastes and carbon dioxide. This eventually leads to cellular illness, mutation, and death. Acupuncture is stated to restore the flow of Qi and blood to these areas of degeneration and cellular death, thus bringing them back to life. Selected acupuncture sites are stimulated to balance the Qi with resulting return of function and restoration of health.

Another aspect of lack of health under the Chinese system is Organ imbalance. It refers to the condition where the organs of your body are either working too hard, or not working hard enough. In either case there is imbalance and ill health. It is like saying that if one worker in an office or factory does not work well the others all so suffer by either having to take up the slack or by working less because everything is slowed down. Apparently the body slows down in the same way as the assembly line would slow down from one inefficient worker. Apparently Acupuncture restores balance to the organ systems of the body and allows the body to function optimally.

I am hoping for further discussion and input in the preventive aspect of the use of Acupuncture.


  1. Aiping Fulepp says:

    Very pleased to hear this.
    Acupuncture is so very good just because it makes people to disconnect from their fast, stressful, unhealthy, whatever you want to call “normal life”.
    It makes us a few percent more open to a higher power which is allways willing to help the open minded.
    Whoever understands is “lucky”.

  2. Jamz Products says:

    WOW What a wealth of information. Thank you so much for compiling this info for me.
    I may have the answer to some of my health issues.

  3. Florida Pain Clinics says:

    We have a saying ‘prevention is better than cure’.preventatives like Acupuncture is the true path of good health.

  4. Hi all

    Sorry for coming late to the party :) , however I was searching this very concept on Google and therefor came across this blogpost.

    I understand from reading somewhere (dunno if true or not) that in ancient China (where acupuncture originated) you paid your doctor while you stayed healthy and stopped paying him when you got ill (what a concept!).

    So I am sure they used (and still use) acupuncture for preventative purposes (ie to re-balance and re-align the energy levels in the meridians regularly before they got too out of sync and caused any major problems to the body).

    I would also love to hear from someone who knows more about this.



  5. Broadland says:

    “like most healing systems, acupuncture depends on symptoms in order to treat a person.”
    I started my reading with this preconception, but would a few references to prevention using acupuncture. I am myself not clear in my mind if there is a practive of giving regular acupuncture as a way of maintaining health. It would be nice to hear from somebody who is doing this or is getting this regular treatment.

  6. Thanks for stopping by Michelle :)

  7. On the face of it, this seems like a good idea. However, like most healing systems, acupuncture depends on symptoms in order to treat a person.

    Assuming a person is in good health, or at least good enough to be without symptoms of illness, how would one know where there is an organ imbalance, and which points to stimulate? You wouldn’t want to stimulate the wrong ones, or you would create an imbalance.

    In order for acupuncture to be useful as a preventative therapy, we will have to refine our methods of detecting qi or organ imbalance, and treat the imbalanced condition before it causes illness.

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