Stress Management through Yoga

Various techniques in yoga have been documented to help in stress management. These techniques work at an individual level and also at a collective level to ensure that there is significant respite from the condition of extreme stress. They help in relieving the physical as well as the psychological negative effects of the problem by ensuring a healthy and productive response to the stress stimuli.

Yoga can have a positive effect on the parasympathetic nervous system and aid in lowering heartbeat and blood pressure. This reduces the demand of the body for oxygen. Yoga can also improve digestion, strengthen immunity, help in effective elimination of toxic wastes and also increase lung capacity. Effective use of this practice can also reduce the chances of stress culminating in anxiety and depression.

The practice of yoga involves forming various body postures, slow stretching movements, breathing exercises that can at times lead to progressive relaxation, imagery and meditation. All these specific techniques are meant for a specific purpose and they culminate into a higher awareness of what is happening to oneself during stress – emotionally, physically, mentally and energetically. One develops an understanding of each part of the body by being more aware of it. The practice includes paying attention to each and every part and therefore ensures a holistic therapy.

The start of the practice is with becoming aware of what the stressful stimuli is so that one knows what one is fighting. Understanding the enemy is an important factor in combat and similarly in a understanding the factors that cause stress can help you in deciding how it needs to be tackled. Yoga enables and empowers you to control the natural and immediate reactions to a stressor. With practice the psychological responses can also be mastered. This means that the previous reactions that put the body in an alert or alarm mode do not take over as soon as a stressful situation occurs.

And this leads to a situation wherein irrespective of the challenges you face, you remain calm, composed and capable of tackling the situation with a level head.


  1. Cobolt goddes says:

    I went to OSIsoft conference in San Francisco last week and listen to Darryl Hammond speak. He had some great ideas on risk management, alarm management and Maintenance Strategies. I know he currently works for Alyeska, but I have heard he is retiring.
    I also heard he spoke in Houston as well but I did not see his presentation. He is doing some amazing things Microsoft SQL and a data historian. I am not sure what RCM means but I know he is doing non intrusive maintenance. Does anyone know if he does any consulting?

  2. Isabella Edwards says:

    my sister practices Yoga and i also find it interesting that is why i am also practicing Yoga now “”

  3. it is easy to learn Yoga although it seems difficult at first try. I practice Yoga mainly for relaxation and for improving my blood circulation.

  4. I started taking Yoga lessons last month and i am amazed of how it can take away the stress of my mind and body.

  5. I practice Yoga at home mainly for the purpose of having a relax mind and body. Stress is really high on our workplace and yoga helps me relax.

  6. i practice Yoga purely for the purpose of reducing stress and it really works. Yoga keeps both of my mind and body relax.

  7. after enrolling on a Yoga Class, i am not stress free and is more relaxed than ever. Yoga is really very helpful both in physical and mental health.

  8. I find that yoga has a great effect in reducing stress due to its emphasis on focus. A lot of stress comes from being overloaded – i.e. trying to do lots of things at once. By focussing on one thing (the breath, the asana, whatever), yoga teaches control of what Patanjali calls ‘the patterning of the mind’, which leads to a sense of calm.

  9. J K Murthy says:

    I am whole heartedly agreeing that yoga helps us very much in stress management.
    It is the only solution for multiple problems both physical/mental.
    Even spiritual embodiment is also possible thro yoga which are advanced stages, the cleansing of various chakras will vary from person to person which may take the entire life time for many of us.
    Pranayama is widely accepted by even Medicine Doctors who now openly admit it as a solution to the diabetic/HT patients.

    Yoga will simply put us from the meter gauged thoughts to the broad gauged thoughts in a layman’s language.
    We can be happy with the existing resources not demanding much more /supressing the Kama,Krodha and other unwanted feelings that excessively spend our oxygen.
    Shallow breathing is the root disease for all diseases of any kind related to vadha/pitha/kabha.
    J K Murthy

  10. great article. I will put it into practice next time. thanks a lot, saving it to my favorites :)

  11. these are useful ideas. Good post i believe this is about stress management. Looking forward to reading from you more.

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