Laughter and Stress Management

Laughing is good and we all know it. It makes us feel better and lighter if we are in a bad mood and having happy jovial people around you is always more welcome that grumpy and grouchy ones.

But did you know that recent studies have proved that laughter can actually fortify the immune system, reduce cravings for certain kinds of foods and also increase your pain bearing qualities. Some people these days are talking about humor therapy that can actually hasten the rate at which healing takes place.

Laughter and Stress Management

The one benefit of laughter that has been researched well is the stress relieving properties of laughter. The act of laughter itself causes a reduction in stress related hormones like epinephrine, cortisol, dopamine and adrenalin. Additionally, it also creates better immunity by enhancing the levels of endorphins, neurotransmitters, and antibody producing cells and by enabling T cells to be more effective.

A hearty laugh can be a good internal exercise where your diaphragm, heart and abdominal muscles are exercised. It can also provide a means of emotional and stressful release. At times when you are extremely stressed out, a forced laugh can also change the mood allowing you to see things from a different perspective. At times like these situations that seem problematic at first may turn into challenges that you need to overcome to emerge successful. The change in perspective can actually help in directing your actions and make them more positive in nature leading to achievements.

Laughing can also provide a good distraction when your mind starts to move towards negative thoughts. It purges the mind of negative emotions like anger, frustration and guilt. Have you been in a stressful situation with your child when he may have spilled the bowl full of soup on the floor just when you are about to relax in front of the television after a long day at work? Well, have you noticed that if you laugh about it, suddenly the feelings of anger and frustration vanish and you can avoid a negative flair up with your toddler?

Cheerful people always surround people who laugh. By being happy and upbeat you enjoy the advantages of having fruitful, cordial and beneficial relationships with other people that you may meet socially. Laughing can therefore be a good form of helping other people to be happy too.

But the ironical part is that adults do not use this wonderful medicine more frequently. A study shows that the number of times a person laughs in a day reduces from 400 times to 17 times between a pre-school age and adulthood. But being aware of the benefits of laughter you can change this by trying to laugh more often during the day.

What you can do is to stop watching those complex family serials that go on and on and switch to watching comedy on television. Choose to see movies that send you rolling on the floor. Don’t choose subtle comedies that are intellectual in nature but those that have a lot of slapstick and bold comedy. Laugh with your friends and tell jokes. Don’t let your conversations always be about the issues that you face in your life and troubles other people have.

Try and make an effort to increase the humor in your life. Sometimes when you face an obstinate situation, try and see it from a different perspective and you will realize that sometimes when things get too frustrating, they actually become funny. If the approach that you take towards life is humorous and light, you will realize that life actually becomes like that.

The last thing to remember is that if laughter does not come to you naturally in the beginning, try and force it upon yourself. Studies have shown that a fake smile or laughter can also do you good. In fact, in yoga there is actually an exercise that involves laughing out loudly. Soon you will realize that laughter has become a part of your life before you actually know it.

The Benefit of Laughter: How Laughter Can Reduce Stress and Increase Health


  1. josefina s. banan says:

    may i know of authorities in the Philippines who can conduct laughter and stress management. i am from a national government agency who wish to include the subject matter in our seminar workshop

  2. That’s a very interesting information you got there. I think I got lucky right now with my joyous life I’m living in.
    Stress? LOL!

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