Finding True Happiness


Are you one of those people that feel that they are forever burdened with unpleasant tasks that need to be completed? So you find yourself cribbing about how busy you are all the time and how you have no time for anything that you really want to do? Do you feel that you have not achieved enough and need to strive for more before you can be really happy? If the answer to these questions is in the affirmative, then you need to read on.

If elimination of stress and finding true happiness is what you are after there are a few basic concepts that you will need to learn. We tend to keep thinking that we would be happy if we had a certain amount of money, a certain kind of car or if a certain person only loved us back. This is one of the most common mindsets that there are different material things and different people that make us happy. We often tend to be asked the question “what would make you happy”. A truly happy person would give an answer to the tune of “I am happy here and now”, irrespective of the situation he is in. He could be facing a challenging task at work or he could be lying on the hospital bed himself.

Material Wealth Cannot Bring True Happiness

Strange as it may seem to you initially, true happiness does not lie in the external world. It is not dependent on the acquisition of material comforts or other people. Your happiness lies within you and it is up to you to make yourself happy. Only observing the really rich people and others who may not have too much money can prove this truism. You will realize pretty soon that there are rich people who are unhappy and there are poor people who are extremely satisfied, content and happy about the situation they are in.

It’s All in the Mind

The whole argument, therefore, come down to the mindset. What kind of a mindset do you have? So you focus on negative aspects of your life and keep thinking about them and feeling sad for yourself? Do you keep looking at those who have more luxuries than you have and feel jealous without realizing the efforts that they may have put into achieving success? Do you keep blaming fate for having dealt you a raw deal? If these are some of the symptoms that you see in yourself, you need to change the manner in which you look at things and ensure that the power to experience true internal happiness belongs to you.

The task is not a difficult one. All you need to do is to take a conscious call and ensure that you focus your energies on the positive aspect of life. Even in the dreariest of circumstances there are hidden positives that you need to dig out and concentrate upon. Every cloud has a silver lining and there is always something positive in each and every situation. The symbol of the Yin and Yang in Chinese culture symbolizes this concept by placing the black orb along with the white.

Stop Comparing

Secondly, don’t look at other people and compare what they have versus what you have. Comparisons should be avoided at any cost. This is because while comparing we do not have all the information about the other person. The person whom we assume to be happy externally may have hidden worries and issues to tackle. And just because he is able to concentrate on his positive aspects does not mean that we judge situations based on incomplete information. Another reason why we should avoid comparisons is because while doing so we tend to forget the amount of input that the other individual may have given to reach a certain stage in life. If we compare someone who has been working for 15 years and measure our success in 5 years against his, we are obviously comparing apples and oranges.

Stop Blaming

Last of all, the thing to do is to take things in our own hands and feel responsible for all the actions that we perform. The blame game is a dangerous one and more often than not ends up in a situation where we tend to put off everything onto some external factor. Instead, we need to act positively and ensure that we achieve success.

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