Unearth Your Dreams Through Visualizations

Sometimes knowing what you really want can be a difficult task. You can use visualizations to help you with the job at hand. What you need to do is to manage to be uninterrupted for about half an hour to one hour so that you can concentrate and listen to what you have to say to yourself. Shut out the external world and start with your list of dreams.

Think of what your dream is and try and create a vivid picture of yourself in the dream. Don’t get bogged down by realities and how impossible or difficult it is. Close your eyes and create an ideal scene. Write what you see without bothering about how absurd or delusive it may seem currently. There shall be ample time to sort out the frivolous ones from the ones that you are really interested in. Get bold with your thoughts and ideas. You don’t have to show your script to anyone and so you can write what you want – just be true to yourself!

Think of it as a new beginning where you are starting afresh with a new life. In your imagination, live your dream and imagine exactly how you think it will be. Look at yourself walking up a path leading to your dream. Let the experience be an enjoyable one with the path strewn with flowers, soft fragrances and nature at its best. Envisage yourself walking slowly up the path, taking deep breaths taking in all that nature has to offer you.

Keep walking and try and recognize your ideal place when you come to it. Continue to be free from all distractions and concentrate on what you see. Look around and get descriptive about what you see and push your imagination to give in the details of what you see. Are you amidst grasslands or on a beach? Are you in the mountains? See the kind of animals, trees, plants and flora that you are standing amidst.

While ideating, introduce yourself into the picture. What are you doing? Who is with you? What is the nature of the interaction? And what are your thoughts and feelings at that time? Think of one thing about the scenario that you think should be indispensable in your dream life.

Once you have completed the exercise, open you eyes. But don’t let go of the scene as yet! Draw or paint what you saw in your list of dreams and write vividly what you felt. Close your eyes again and get back to your ideal scene. Create a sense of curiosity in yourself about what is further in store. Stretch your hand to reach the end of your destination in your mind.

And suddenly your dream shall be there standing in front of you. It could be a dream house or a picture of you shaking hands with the CEO of your dream company or anything that you have wanted all your life. Be careful to take in all the aspects of the scene to be able to correctly interpret it later. For example if your dream is a dream house, then take time to look up how the exterior is, what kind of a setting it is in and who all live in the house. Also think of the places that you will spend your time in, with the people you shall spend your time and the experiences that you will have there.

Having become aware of what you ultimate dream is, internalize it and plan to achieve it step-by-step by overcoming all barriers.


  1. Thanks for stopping by Levee!

    Our mind is a beautiful machine. Whatever thoughts you hold on to, it tries to manifest into reality. So if you have been holding on to thoughts that doesn’t necessarily describe your ultimate dream, it may take a while until your visualization seeps into your subsconscious mind. The key here is repitition and belief. The more deeply you think and visualize about your dream, the faster your mind will work towards it’s realization.

  2. Vishal: I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, culminating on this beautiful post about visualisation. I have trouble moving from the visualisation through to the reality – a problem moving from the desire to the actuality. Maybe I’m letting everyday life get in the way?

    Anyway, thanks for your writing and I hope your blog continues to be successful.

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