Group or Individual Meditation?

It is possible to benefit from group meditation, where you sit in a place with others who are meditating, and it is also possible to get benefit on your own, in solo meditation sessions. Many people wonder which is best for them, and that often depends not as much on your personality, but on your schedule.

To meet in a group, even if there is just one other person, can require extra effort because you have to make sure that your schedules coincide. Otherwise you may do it once or twice and then something will come up and one of you has to postpone or cancel. In a large group or class, this is not as much of a problem, because if some people are missing, you can still have the session without them. But to keep to a good routine, the group should meet in a place and at a time that works well for everyone, otherwise you will get stressed out trying to keep the appointment to make it to the meditation on time. So the choice should be made in a practical way, to suit your own needs.

There is scientific evidence that supports the idea that meditation with others is a powerful force, so even if you are a solo practitioner, take some time now and then to participate in group meditations. Researchers who study quantum physics noticed that when a large group of monks gathered together to meditate, it had far-reaching affects that seemed to hard to dismiss as simple coincidence. For instance, group meditation at that monk conference coincided with a dramatic drop in crime. Since that study, law enforcement agencies in Washington DC have begun exploring the possibility that meditation could have a practical good effect upon crime rates in their city. In other instances, meditation seemed to cause rain after a long drought and famine, or to cause flowers and other plants to flourish. Meditation in groups has been credited with curing disease, reversing aggression, and saving people from famine – so if you get an opportunity, join a group to celebrate the power of meditation.

And while you are doing your meditation alone, keep in mind that we are all connected by meditation, even across vast distances.


  1. I would like to meet people who are interested in group meditation like Jennifer since I want to start or join one but I do not know how or where to contact them. please help me. Thank you, Martica. I live in the San Fernando Valley.

  2. I would like to meet people who are interested in group meditation like Jennifer since I want to start or join one but I do not know how or where to contact them. please help me. Thank you, Martica

  3. Richard says:


    I quote your previous post, ‘no right, no wrong. No evil, no good. No religion involved’. See all those negations? I put it to you that it is you who is the negative one. Tachikaze is right and you are wrong. There is a right and wrong in meditation as in all things. The right thing is to be good. I recommend that you open your mind rather than jumping to judgements about ‘witches’ seeking supernatural powers. The idea with witchcraft as I know it is to become aware of and harmonise with NATURAL power. Just as in meditation. Perhaps you are a witch and just don’t know it yet?


  4. Hi Edward,

    Group meditation is very powerful in helping you progress in your spiritual path. Many people experience such experiences like yours during group meditation because the intensity of meditation is intensified during group mediation. However, please do not try to analyze or get bogged down by such experiences. They are part of the meditation practice and you just observe it without getting attached to it. Sometimes you’ll experience it sometimes you may not. So just let it be and meditate being a passive observer.

  5. I have been to a group meditation session once. Something happened that spooked me a little, and I haven’t been able to find anyone to give me an answer to what had happened. While meditating, I saw a very bright light. The light took me out of me meditated state and I opened my eyes because I thought someone had turned on the lights in the room. But, the room was still dimly lit and everyone in the room were still meditating. When I tried to meditate again, I saw the light again. I have never experienced this during individual meditation. Have you or anyone that you know experience this? If so, what happen, what is the light?

  6. Tachikaze:

    First, I’m not a Christain. Second, I would not like to bring religion in this context because that’s not what we are discussing here. May be you have a very fanatic view about certain religions or practices, but I don’t have any.

    Third, we are talking about meditation here. If you don’t know what meditation is, I suggest you educate yourself on this. Unlike the witchcraft you are talking about, in meditation there is no right, no wrong. No evil, no good. No religion involved. Only pure consciousness.

    So when we are talking about group meditation, we like to connect with people of same goal, that of connecting to our real consciousness. Not to achieve any supernatural powers or anything. I hope that makes things clear for you. May be you should open your mind a bit.

  7. Tachikaze says:

    Vishal no offence but you are ignorrant. Why do you asume that someone practising witchcraft is negative? That’s a big misconception. Witches are both good and evil just like all humans. Did you ever heard of Wicca for example? Witchcraft is not bad or evil or negative by default. I assume you are another close-minded christian that considers that everything outside your religion is evil and satanic and that feares everything he/she cannot understand. Grow up.

    Jennifer first try to find out what type of witchcraft are they pratising..But I am preety sure they are ok.
    Blessed Be! )O(

  8. Don’t take our word for it that meditating is good for you – have a look at the facts and figures that prove it.

    I have learned a lot lately even though I have been practicing meditation for a long time. I am a proud FREE member of Headspace.

    If you have ever been interested in relaxation, managing your stress of meditation I would really reccomened at least trying them! It is FREE so can not hurt!

    They have some great videos that have really helped me to understand meditation, the founder was a buddhist monk for 10 years, headspace is for NON PROFIT and their goal is to spread meditation to the wider public.

    If you are interested in meditation then check it out, I promise you will not be dissapointed.

  9. Jennifer and Vishal,

    When you refer to these friends who practise witchcraft, am I correct in assuming your friends are practising Wiccans? How does belief in a specific religion cause somebody to be a negative presence? People are people, regardless of their belief systems. I will not try to say all Wiccans are good people; however, just as there are Wiccans who aren’t so great, there are Christians, Muslims, and Jews who aren’t so great either.

    It may be that these friends of yours aren’t positive people. But that is their own personality, their own actions. The fact that they are practising Wiccans can not and will not affect anybody. They can not curse you, control you, make you sick, etc. And just because they are Wiccans, does not even mean they practise witchcraft. These are not the same things.

    I realize that your posts are old, and this response may not even reach you. But I am leaving this response for all those who come upon this page after me, to try and help others who may be concerned or confused – Wicca is not a negative influence. Wicca is not a cult. Wicca is a religion, the same as Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. Wiccans are human too.

  10. OK I forgot to mention about kids. Kids, especially babies are very sensitive to energies. They are like magnets. They will quickly attract vibrations from people in their proximity. Therefore you always feel better when you are with kids or small children. They absorb all your negative energies! You may also notice that when some people come close to babies, babies start crying for no reason. It’s because of their negative energies.

    I would strongly recommend against inviting your friends.

  11. Hi Jennifer,

    It certainly is not advisable to have them in your group. When you meditate in a group, the more positive people you have, the better. When there are more people who meditate well, the cumulative positive energy increases many fold and it benefits everybody present in the group. On other hand, if there are many negative people, compared to positive people, then their negative energy effects everybody. Actually it’s not the number that counts. Presence of even one saint may bring far more benefit than several novice meditators. Same can be said about an equally negative person.

    I don’t say that negative people should be avoided altogether. What is required in them is the willingness to change and be positive. An open mind. If you friends who practice witchcraft are willing to change, then you may welcome them. However, if they want to join you out of curiosity, then it’s best to avoid them.

  12. Jennifer says:

    I have read this article and I was wondering if you could answer some questions for me.
    My husband is wanting to start a meditation group, but two of the people in the group practice witchcraft. Will this affect him in any way?? We have 3 small children at home and one on the way. I am worried about it, so if you can help me on this I woukld greatly appreciate it.

  13. M_Luisa Pinto_Pereira says:

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