How Your Thoughts Determine Your Destiny

Most of us realize that how we feel about a certain situation depends on our thoughts prevailing at that time. Positive thoughts nurture positive emotions and negative thoughts foster negative emotions. Hence different people will perceive a situation differently depending on the conditioning of their mind. Downfall of the stock market may appear as an opportunity for an optimistic investor but the same may force a pessimistic investor to opt out from the stock market for ever. But what is even more powerful than how we perceive certain events is the fact that the every thought you are thinking at the moment is working towards creating your destiny.

To validate this concept scientifically, you need to be aware of the two facts. Firstly, each and everything around has a field of energy and vibration which has been measured scientifically. The computer, the keyboard, the chair, the pen, you, your thoughts, all emit certain vibrations or energies. The negative frequencies emanating from emotions of anger, frustration and worry score low on the scale and positive ones emanating from meditation, contentment, bliss score maximum. Second aspect that you might already be aware of is the universal law of attraction – ‘like attracts like’. This law of attraction or law of similarity is the key in deciding our fate and it plays an important role in dictating our destiny.

Now lets explore how the above principles work together to create your destiny. If you are feeling low and depressed due to something that someone has said to you, you are likely to be exuding negative frequencies that are extremely low. Now because of the universal law of attraction, you’ll be attracting experiences that emit frequencies similar to what you are emitting. It may be anything. An untoward incident or even an equally depressed person! The same way, when you emit positive frequencies arising out of positive activities like meditation, positive thinking, you’ll be attracting positive experiences and events in your life.

The possibility of your thought dictating and directing your destiny may sound a bit unusual and uncanny but a little bit of observation will tell you that it is true. There are certain people that seem to be undergoing some problem or another at all times in their life. Their computer breaks down, they have a bad back, and they have an accident and many more things, all at the same time. Every time they’ll be whining – Why does this always happen to ME? And then there are people who seem to attract everyone and everything positive to their lives. People always seem to call them lucky. If you analyze people from both the group carefully, you’ll discover how their thought patterns attract corresponding experiences in their lives.

Studies show that it takes about 15 to 20 seconds for a thought to start attracting similar energies. Hence the longer the thought stays on your mind, the greater is its chance of attracting similar energies. So by becoming more aware of your thoughts and engaging in activities that nurture positive thoughts you can create a better future for you and those around you.

Adapted from the article “Power of Thought” by Jim Donovan in The Times of India


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  2. Fate is created by your thoughts itself. What is happening now is the cummulative results of your thoughts and actions in the past.

  3. Does fate determine your destiny?

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    Just to stir things up a bit: Although it all sounds very convincing, in real life it doesn’t quite work this way, if at all.
    Just an example:

    Recently I added “The Secret” – the film on law of attraction to the Members’ Area on my website. I received some very interesting comments that you might want to check out, here:

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  5. Very true, what Jim Donovan says. To achieve useful inner monologue which steers you in a positive direction it helps to work with a coach who intensely listens and detects where you “cheat” yourself, compromise yourself and consequently comprise your goal.

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