21 Simple Ways to Experience Genuine Happiness

  1. Watch kids play
  2. Watch sunset
  3. Watch a comedy movie
  4. Watch yourself in the mirror and make a funny face
  5. Call an old friend
  6. Call an old friend and invite him/her over dinner
  7. Visit an orphanage and distribute sweets
  8. Visit an old people’s home and spend some time with an aged person
  9. Visit your grand mother
  10. Visit your grand father
  11. Help a blind person cross the road
  12. Plant a tree
  13. Give sweets to a street kid
  14. Give your child’s old toys and clothes to street children
  15. Sing your favorite song
  16. Close your eyes and smile
  17. Hug your spouse
  18. Learn a magic trick and show it to your kid
  19. Play a harmless prank on your friend/spouse
  20. Feed a street dog
  21. Skip your meal and give it to a beggar

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  1. Something that I used to do and loved was take my marionnette to the nursery area of the church I attended. I could just lift the marionnette over the half door and watch the kids come for him. It was great!

  2. Mo:

    Watching sports can be fun too but only if you don’t get attached to any of the teams. Usually we watch sports to cheer our favorite team or when our favorite team is playing. And when our team loses, we get depressed :)

  3. nice, list, thanks for taking the time writing it. i actually spent the day watching my nephew and other kids playing at a city fair. it did make me feel happy!

  4. Nice list, most include kids though and I am in a college setting. Anyway, watching sports helps too; I was feeling down this morning today, until college football started and now, I am in a more different state. Doing these to change you mood is pretty helpful because I notice you tend to be less productive when you down and depress.

  5. Hi mamelouk,

    True laughter can come only when we are genuinely happy. And when we are genuinely happy, we are living in the present. You can never laugh genuinely with your focus on your problems or in past or future. In fact laughter is meditation. So whether you laugh seeing a comedy movie or for other reasons, if you are in the moment, you are happy from inside.

    Regarding planting a tree, yes, it may not give you genuine happiness. Hence I’ve provided 21 ways ;)

    Thanks for dropping by :)

  6. Hi,

    Sweet list, but I hope we can disagree with some of them… for example watching a comedy movie makes us laugh (of course), but laugh make us just forget about our real problem(s)… that’s not what I call guenine hapiness.

    Another example : plant a tree sure makes us less guilty about how we injure our planet.. again it’s not guenine hapiness from my point of view..

    Whatever : this comments are meant to be constructive, but I’m sure this list can help a lot of peoples… (it’s just “Genuine Happiness” words that called me to write this)

    And sorry for my mean english


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